Joaquim Labarinhas


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He joined SC Vianense on December 31, 1974 at the age of 23 to do a little bit of everything at the club. He watched the transformation from the bare pitch to natural grass and is particularly pleased to have helped some young people from the land become men in the world of football (and many become men for life): he saw Joca, Rogério Brito, Mário Felgueiras, Tiago Mendes, Sérgio Lomba, Nelson Lenho, Pedro Neto, Francisco Trincão, among others…
He was present in almost all the great moments of the club, such as the U19 National Championship of the 2nd Division and, between ups and downs, he saw Vianense be National Champion of the 3rd Division in 1999. He ended his connection with the club in July 2016 for reaching retirement age but resumed duties in August 2022 with SC Vianense SAD. In the words of Joaquim “I only came back because I believe in the SAD project and I don’t want to die without seeing Vianense National Champion again!”