the 1st year of Sport Clube Vianense – Futebol SAD

Now that the 1st year of Sport Clube Vianense – Futebol SAD has been completed, we believe it is time for a small balance sheet that we consider essential; there were many intense days with constant challenges, always with the focus on placing SC Vianense in the place it deserves, respecting and dignifying its 125-year history.

We were a club that was always worthy, that knew how to win and that knew how to lose. We were a club that respected all its opponents, that gave everything in every game and on every field, against all opponents. We were an ambitious team, very united and with a great commitment to our objectives. The result of this stance guaranteed us promotion to Liga 3, in a clear demonstration of the solidity that made SCV SAD one of the best teams in the Championship.

As an example of professionalism, and of the strong commitment we have as a cultural identity, we achieved an equally exceptional result with our U19 team, which became District Champion and thus ensured the promotion to the 2nd division of the national championship.

There are immense challenges that are approaching in these new times for SCV SAD, either because of the demand that competitions bring, or because of the necessary structural reform that is required of a professional structure: it is crucial to be able to continue to count on the unconditional support of all Vianenses but It is essential to be able to count on the Viana do Castelo City Council and the entire business universe of the District, so that SCV football is an even more aggregating force, based on the pride of being from Vianense!

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who trusted us. Our supporters who have always supported us, our sponsors and partners who have never abandoned us and, above all, to all the players and technical teams who have shown unsurpassed perseverance, dedication and professionalism.

Go Vianenses, this has just started!