It took place this Sunday, at Estádio Dr. José de Matos in Viana do Castelo, the 4th round of the Promotion Phase to LIGA 3 where SC Vianense SAD won 3-2 against SC Salgueiros.

With strong support from all Vianenses, SC Vianense SAD opened the scoring with a beautiful goal by Fábio Pimenta but SC Salgueiros managed to equalize in the 38th minute and put themselves in advantage in the middle of the 2nd half. At the 75th minute, Vianense was losing but the best was yet to come! With another goal by Fábio Pimenta, and soon after with a monumental shot from outside the area by Cláudio Ribeiro, that closed the score, and thus left SC Vianense SAD in the dispute for a place in LIGA 3.

In the other match of the day, Lusitânia de Lourosa and Amarante FC tied to zero, leaving everything open for the last two rounds.

The next game will be Sunday, May 28th at 5pm against Lusitânia de Lourosa and we hope to fill our castle once again!