Heading to LIGA 3!
Match schedule

All the schedules of the 6 matches of the Liga 3 Promotion Stage are already known.

On the 30th of April, at 5pm, Sport Clube Vianense SAD will play its first match at Sport Comércio e Salgueiros.

Then, on the 7th of May, we visit Lusitânia de Lourosa at 5pm.

After that we play 3 home games in a row, all at 5pm, hosting Amarante Futebol Clube, on the May 14th, Sport Comércio e Salgueiros on the May 20th and Lusitânia de Lourosa, on May 28th. We ended this second phase with an away match against Amarante FC on June 4th.

Focused, united and confident, we count on all Vianenses “in every game, every field, every opponent!”

Let’s go, Vianense!