It was presented today at a press conference held at AEVC – Associação Empresarial de Viana do Castelo, the Fundraising Campaign for the Associação IRIS Inclusiva – Associação de Cegos e Amblíopes.

With the purpose of involving the entire population of Viana do Castelo and its main companies, Sport Clube Vianense SAD invited the Municipality of Viana do Castelo and AEVC – Associação Empresarial de Viana do Castelo and Sport Clube Vianense, which immediately associated themselves.

The campaign starts on April 30th and will end on June 4th, and the amount obtained will be entirely given to IRIS Inclusiva. The Association will be present in the official equipment of the club in all 6 games of the LIGA 3 promotion phase, and there will be several actions for inclusion in the home matches, and promotion in all social networks on the SCV SAD website.

For Nuno Azevedo e Cardoso, President of SCV SAD, “social action is one of our most important pillars in our sports project. Therefore, and since we have reached this stage with some sporting success that has led to widespread interest in the media and the general population, we believe that the time is right to support a noble cause such as the one represented by Íris Inclusiva”.

The Vice President of the Board of Iris Inclusiva, Isabel Barciela, showed her appreciation by stating that “since its establishment in 2009, Iris Inclusiva has been committed with honesty and determination to its mission of social inclusion, remaining strongly committed not only to the visually impaired citizens that its work primarily serves, but also to the various local stakeholders and the community at large. We believe that all people have the right to full access to the opportunities that life offers and that only a society capable of learning from diversity will be able to grow and respond positively to the challenges we face today. Thank you to everyone involved in this initiative! We are counting on you all!

Carlota Borges, Councillor for Social Cohesion, Housing, Youth and Urban Services of the Municipality of Viana do Castelo considers that “Social Cohesion is one of the pillars of our daily work, supporting institutions such as Íris Inclusiva is also a mission for everyone for the recognized support they give to all their target public on a daily basis. This year Viana do Castelo is the European City of Sports and this can also be an opportunity to awake the social responsibility aspect in the sports area, it has been happening with several clubs and modalities and this is another good example. It is an honor for us (the executive and technicians of the CMVC) to see the sports, business, and social community united for noble causes. We appeal to all those who can support not to hesitate, all together we will make a difference.”

Already Manuel Cunha Junior, President of the Board of the AEVC said that in the AEVC “we believe it is very important for inclusion the participation of companies in these processes. One of the best factors for valuing people with some special needs is the possibility of being productive. This action, besides raising money for Iris Inclusiva, can enable a closer contact between people and companies, between inclusion and opportunity”.

In the words of Rui Pedro Silva, President of the Board of Sport Clube Vianense “social responsibility is one of the pillars and hallmarks of the action developed by Sport Clube Vianense. Following the collaboration that has been deepening with institutions that develop their activities with various special populations, Sport Clube Vianense is associated with this action that aims to contribute to the qualification of the response offered by Iris Inclusiva”.

The Associação Íris Inclusiva, based in Viana do Castelo, has as its main mission “To promote full community and social inclusion of blind and low vision people, through the development of a diverse set of projects, services and interventions focused on the development of autonomy and full participation, favoring a multidimensional and integrated approach to disability and valuing the interaction between the person and the contexts throughout the life cycle”.

The campaign also has the support of the various media in the region, and will be promoted in all the club’s social networks and on its website, by Íris Inclusiva and AEVC among all its members.

All donations must be made by bank transfer to the account “SCV Fundraising” with the IBAN: PT50 0045 1436 4037 3639 5101 2